Duck and Mango Hearts

Ground duck, mango, oat flour.  Topped with mango cream and mango pieces

Who doesn’t like mango? When it is ripe, it is juicy and sweet and full of exotic taste. When it is not ripe, it is perfect for a salad or garnish. Well, you can safely feed a slice or two of mango to your furry friend.  Mango is rich in antioxidants that fight cancer. It is rich in fiber (which aids the digestion process in your dog and helps keep their stool as soft, regular and painless as possible). Mango is also known to help in lowering cholesterol levels and to boost immune systems.

So I combined ground duck with mango in this decadent treat shaped like a heart. It is topped with the mango cream and chopped mango. A perfect summer (dessert?) treat.

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Galina Norkin

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