Dragon Fruit as superfood

rabbit canolli

I am always on look out for the natural and healthy ingredients to add to the treats. No matter what you do, meat is meat and it will have one color. Of course, our furry friends don’t really care what the food looks like. However, I always strive to add a little extra.

Veggies, fruit, berries, mushrooms and herbs are part of my regular repertoire. But recently I came across several eye popping WOW powders.

I used a dash of dragon fruit powder on my organic plain yogurt (can be given to your pooch as a snack). The dragon fruit powder is considered a superfood and is said to be packed with Antioxidants, Fiber, Vitamin C and B. The posted picture is the rabbit cannoli treats made from oat flour and dragon fruit powder. The color and smell are amazing. The powder can be added to any frozen treats as well.

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Galina Norkin

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