What’s for Dinner

duck dinner w kale

Many people ask me what I feed my dog on regular basis. And this is one example of that. I start with the good quality ground meat. It can be any type, but I am using duck in this example. I saute it in a bit of coconut oil on medium heat. Once most of pink is gone, I add veggies, like kale above (washed, tough ribs removed). I had some roasted butternut squash, so I added it too. Butternut squash has a sweet taste and we know that dogs like sweets. Other goodies that I added – turmeric root (not powder) and eggs with egg shells. The entire “cooking”, with prep work lasted 15 min. This 6lb of food will last approximately 3 days for my 70 lb dog. And then I will make something else but I will follow the same principals – meat, a bit of veggies, a bit of herbs, a bit of something else that I have on hand. That simple, that good for your dog. 

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Galina Norkin

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