About Us

This is our German Shorthair Pointer Benz. We adopted him when he was about 1 year old. After two years of feeding him kibble, we decided to switch his diet to home cooked.  We saw the positive effect of the change in a short few months.  And that's what started our Pet Food My Way journey.

We believe that pet owners can help their four-legged family  members live healthier and longer lives by improving their diet.  Which is the reason behind our obsessive attention to the ingredients that go into our products and the health benefits that come from them.


Cute dog with ball

Why we cook for our furry friends

Over the past few years, we humans have become increasingly aware of the link between our diet and our health.  And because of that more of us are eating healthier – avoiding processed food, cutting back on sugary soft drinks and incorporating more whole foods into our diets.

Which begs the question: Why are we still feeding junk food to our pets?

By junk, we mean processed food like kibbles, dry food that’s full of grain and mystery meat in cans. We wouldn’t eat that stuff on a bet. Our pets shouldn’t either.

It’s not that we haven’t been warned. For the last twenty years, veterinary nutritionists have made it clear that feeding healthy, whole foods is essential to the overall health of the animal members of our family. But somehow that message gets drowned out by the ads and commercials paid by the makers of convenient (but not so healthy) pet food.

We felt there had to be a better way. Our GSP, Benz, helped make us certain. A few years after we adopted Benz, we moved away from commercial food and started preparing homemade meals for him. We saw health improvements right away. His coat became thicker and shinier, he drank a lot less water, his digestive system improved.  We could see first-hand how real food had a real effect on our pet.

We started Pet Food My Way to offer pet owners what had worked wonders with Benz: healthy, functional food that pets actually enjoy. It’s our belief that by offering our animal companions a variety of nutritious and delicious foods we provide we can help enrich their lives for years to come.

Our snacks and treats are based on the premise that dogs (and cats) get most of their nutrition from animal protein. Which is why we buy high quality meat from the reputable sources. We refuse to use fillers like corn, wheat, white rice, white potato or any glutinous grains. What’s more, our food is packed with minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. And carefully baked in small batches to ensure that every one is as close to perfect as possible.

With all our products, we provide detailed information about the ingredients we put into our pet food and their health benefits. Because being informed about the food you give your dog or cat will make you a better pet parent.  And it helps make us a more transparent and responsible vendor.

Bottom line:  We prepare our snacks and treats the same way I prepare meals for the human members of my family. With the best and healthiest ingredients available. And with thought, care and love.

Doesn’t your pet deserve that, too?