Featured Treats

Our treats change with the seasons. That’s to offer pets a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries at their freshest.  And most nutritious. 

Special Occasion and Holidays

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Bison Liver Hearts

Bison liver, banana, beets, egg. Topped with beets relish


Duck and Beets Cupcakes with Almond Wafer

Ground duck, banana, beets, egg, chickpea flour. Topped with cream and almond wafer


Gift Box

Four perfect mini cupcakes made from ground goat, goat cheese, banana, egg, chickpea flour. Topped...

Duck Liver Treat

Glazed Duck Liver Hearts

Duck liver, kale, parsley, coconut oil, chickpea flour.  Dipped in coconut oil with parsley


Halloween Cookies

Pumpkin, banana, chia seeds, oat flour.


Pheasant Blueberry Cranberry Mini-Cake

Ground pheasant, blueberries, cranberries, butternut squash, oats, oat flour. Dipped in coconut oil.


Pheasant Mousse Cannoli

Ground pheasant, parsley, goat cheese. Cannoli shell is spelt flour, maple syrup, egg.


Pheasant with Raspberry and Carob

Ground pheasant, beets, egg, quinoa flour. Topped with raspberry and carob dots.